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India, a country well known for its culture and spices is considered as the taste capital of the world. In India, spices have a very tremendous history. Earlier housewives use to grind their spices at home and make their blends for cooking. Different spices and blends were used to make distinctive and tasty dishes. Every dish has its own story and identity. We at NANDANI KUTIR UDYOG, process pure and natural Indian spices, grind them and pack them naturally so that taste and natural aroma of spices remain unchanged. We aim to reach out to you with the same flavor and taste.


This is about a man who started his journey with a bicycle as a collector agent for local bank. He use to travel a lot to survive. As his native town belongs to a market with spice hub, he started exploring the world of spices and he came up with his own brand with the name Nandani Masala.

We at Nandani Kutir Udyod, with the help of the latest technology, focus on the best quality and are able to produce a class of spices at an affordable rate.

We make spices that fit into everyone's pocket & the taste that everyone loves.

Ground Spices

Turmeric is one of the most well-known, widely researched, and commonly used Ayurvedic spices in the world. This golden wonder is used in cooking, as a dietary supplement with numerous health benefits, and even as a topical application for beautification, no delicious curry is complete without it.

Chilli is considered as one of the best spices used in the Kitchen. Chilies are used in cooking, pickles and chutney. Red chilies are used as dried as well as powder both in vegetarian and no-vegetarian cooking. Due to its universal use, it is known as “the Queen of Spices”.

Coriander powder is derived from the seeds of the coriander plant. It adds a mild flavor and aroma to sweet and savory food preparations. Most commonly, it is bought as whole dried seeds and ground as and when needed, but it can also be found as a readymade powder. Ground coriander seeds lose their flavor quickly in storage; hence, it is best to grind as needed. One can crush coriander seeds finely or coarsely as per recipe requirement.

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